From the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide:
The town of Loudwater sits at the confluence
of the Delimbiyr and Grayflow rivers. The forested
shoulders of the Star Mounts rise above the town
in the northwestern sky. These cloud-veiled peaks
remind the townspeople that beyond the town’s walls
stretch wild lands, where deadly monsters threaten
the unwary.

Merchants, caravan guards, local craftsfolk, hunters,

farmers, and retired adventurers treat the Green
Tankard Tavern in Loudwater as a second home. In
the tavern’s common room, talk turns to tales of hostile
tribes and barrows glimpsed through mists; folk speak
warily of goblins in the Southwood, of the serpent folk
of Najara, and of ancient, ruined kingdoms.

The tavern attracts young and old with its warm

company and tall tales. But before buying an ale
for one of the inn’s regulars, a visitor should think
carefully. Many adventures have started from stories
exchanged over cheap ale and greasy food, but not all
have ended with the glorious exploits of which bards
sing. An old story or a wrinkled map could be the
doorway to adventure—or the path to a quick death.


The Green Tankard Tavern
Fisher’s Friend Pub
Loudwater General
South Square
Garwan’s Curiosities
Starra’s Knives
Loudwater Smithy
Loudwater Apothecary
Loudwater Stables


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